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About Elaine

About Elaine

During my childhood and adolescence I didn’t understand why I ‘knew ‘things’ about people and situations and other people didn’t. It was much later in life when I became more interested in the spirit world, having lost my beloved grandparents, that I was repeatedly told by different psychics’ and mediums’ that I had the ‘gift!’ Not only that but I was a very ‘powerful psychic’ and I should be using this ‘gift’ to help people!

So after many years of attending different development circles/spiritualist churches/charity events/courses to understand my gift, including - The Arthur Finlay Colleges (The world’s most foremost college for the advancement of Psychic Sciences) at Stansted and also Staffordshire – I finally did it – and I have been working as a Professional Psychic/Medium/Healer/Hypnotherapist for the last thirteen years literally changing thousands of people’s lives.

Let me help you!

My gratitude goes out to my spirit helpers and I feel very honoured that they have chosen me to work with. Without them none of this would be possible without the help of the ‘Ascended Masters,’ my main guide ‘Lone Wolf’ a Native American Indian and also my wonderful Chinese Healer and his helpers.

As well as being a Psychic Medium and Healer, I also worked as a teacher in Further Education for over 20 years. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

As part of my spiritual Journey I will continue to travel and my spiritual experiences in India, Nepal, Bali, Peru and more recently Jordan confirm that I am following my life path.

Elaine also offers alternative treatments, for more details please see:


Elaine Kenworthy is a highly recommended Derbyshire based spiritual Psychic Medium, Healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives. Elaine is based in Allestree Derby, but also offers virtual services. Life Coaching and Healing. Psychic Medium and Readings. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.


Elaine Kenworthy Psychic Medium, Healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist In Allestree Derby. 

Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives. Life Coaching and Healing. Psychic Medium and Readings. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Virtual

Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediumship

At times we all go through a time in our life where we ‘can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ and we need some help and guidance. It helps to talk and as a Life Coach, Counsellor, Healer and channel for spirit I can help you in many areas. See below for different ways of how I can help.

Psychic Readings

I use Angel and Tarot Cards to help guide you in all areas of your life. 


This can be in love, health, finance, career direction and relationship issues, including ‘soulmate’ or ‘Twin flame ‘relationships.

I am a relationship expert, often being called an ‘Agony Aunt’ or relationship guru. So if you’re having difficulties in your existing relationship and need some honest help or advice then I’m the person to contact!

During readings, as well as using the cards I also use my psychic, clairvoyance and mediumship skills (working with the spirit world) to help and guide you.


Often during readings I will give you information from my guides or information from your loved ones that have passed into the spirit world who also want to help you.


In a ‘Mediumship’ sitting my aim is to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world.

Just to say there is nothing frightening in the session – it is me that has the conversation with spirit; I just pass on the messages to you, to help bring you clarity and comfort. 

Spirit love to joke and have fun - so hopefully also bringing upliftment to you during the session as well – just like they would do if they were here.


In a nutshell during a session my aim is to prove beyond doubt that your loved ones are okay and happy and still live on albeit in a different way, without their physical body.

IntuitiveLife Coaching

These are some of the areas that you may need help with:


  • Relationship difficulties

  • Dating Advice

  • Problems at work

  • Moving on after a relationship break-up

  • Stress/Anxiety/Confidence Issues

  • Low Self-esteem

  • Career change/Fear of change

  • Infertility/Miscarriage/pregnancy issues

  • OR Just someone to talk to…


Don’t delay…..don’t suffer in silence – make that move that will help you and improve your life!


*Please note: As with all of my sessions – everything that is discussed is strictly confidential.


Also In a ‘mediumship sitting’ I cannot guarantee that your loves ones will definitely come through – no medium can do that. I also have to say by law “All readings are for entertainment purposes only”







Hypnosis is the gentle healer. No chemicals, no side effects – it’s just like daydreaming!

You are aware of everything in the session (you are in control), you are just in a relaxed state (this is where I come in...)

I often liken it to when you are driving and you arrive at your destination but can’t remember how you got there – that is an altered state!


People think of Hypnotherapy and think of parading around a stage like a chicken

- this is Stage Hypnosis and yes it is ‘Staged’ as the word suggests.


During a session all you have to do is RELAX – then your subconscious mind is ‘open’ to ‘accept’ any suggestions that we give it – for example:






Your sub-conscious mind will believe everything that we say – therefore making amazing life changes..  Take charge of your life today!

Stones of Meaning

Do you constantly think negatively? Saying things to yourself like: I can’t do that? Or I don’t have the confidence to do that? Or I’m not good enough?


Lets change your way of thinking and think positively:

I am rich & successful!

I can achieve anything I want!



Soul Mates/Twin Flames – Do you have a strong bond with someone – feel like you know them? Maybe you did in a former life?


Do you feel drawn to a particular country or place – you may have lived there in a previous lifetime?


Let me help you...

It could change your life!


WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 11.47.28 AM

Would you like to know why you are here on the earthly plane and what your soul purpose is?


Would you like to know what happens when your soul leaves your body and goes back into the spirit realms?

This experience will ultimately change your life and how you view the world!



Reiki & Spirtual Healing

Are you feeling sad? Stressed? Sluggish? Constantly tired? No energy? Also feeling that you have lost your sense of direction?  


You would greatly benefit from some ‘Reiki/Energy/Spiritual Healing’ to get you back on track and realign your Chakra (energy points) in your body.

Let me and my ‘China Man’ my main ‘Healing guide’ - who is very gentle but nevertheless extremely powerful, help you. I am the ‘medium’ (the vessel) the spirit world work through me to help you. This can be ‘life changing’ often with ‘psychic surgery’ and ‘acupuncture’ coming through my hands. I have helped (with the help of spirit) thousands of people and I can help you. Just to be open to it and you will be amazed!

Do not think for one moment that you cannot be helped – the spirit world does not turn anyone away. Don’t knock it till you try it - just keep an open mind!


I also do ‘Absent/Distant Healing,’- distance is not a barrier to healing – please enquire.


Contact Elaine

All of the above can be done – in person, by whatsapp or email or Zoom. Group psychic and past life parties are also available.


Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding prices or any questions you may have about the treatments I offer using the form or details below.


Elaine is also now offering vouchers as the perfect gift for any occasion.

Please get in touch to find out more details. Click to see example HERE:

Telephone: +44 7825 585351

Thank you. Elaine will get back to you shortly.

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