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Life betweenLives Spiritual Regression 

Discover your ‘Soul Purpose’ – through Hypnosis...

Would you like to know why you are here on the earthly plane and what your soul purpose is?


Would you like to know what happens when your soul leaves your body and goes back into the spirit realms?


As a Life Between Life Regression Therapist I can take you on a journey of discovery…an amazing journey and one that you will never forget!


  • Experience the sheer joy of being reunited with your ‘Soul family’

  • Connect/Reconnect with your ‘Spirit Guide/Guides’

  • Experience talking with the ‘Wise Beings’ or ‘Ascended Masters’

  • Understand your current lifetime and why you have chosen this?

  • Understand what you need to do in this lifetime to accomplish your personal goals/aspirations?


Please note this session can take up to 4 hours.


Anyone wishing to undergo this must have a Past Life Regression session prior to this. This is to ensure they are able to enter into hypnosis at a level that this session can be conducted.


Please contact me for suitability and any questions...

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