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Hypnotherapy Reviews



To say I was a chocoholic is an understatement. I would usually have some form of chocolate every day and I don’t mean a mini Milky Way; we’re talking FAMILY bags of Revels and Chocolate Buttons, all for me. And I would get VERY bad tempered if I didn’t have my fix. Not only was this affecting my weight, it was obviously having a detrimental effect on my general health. I approached Elaine for hypnotherapy for weight loss, never believing she could rid me of my chocolate addiction – IN ONE SESSION. I can swear that, not only have I not eaten chocolate in the weeks since I first saw Elaine, I have not touched anything chocolate flavoured. And, more to the point, I don’t want to. I don’t even like being around chocolate and avoid that area of shops now – not because I’m worried about being tempted, but the thought of chocolate makes me feel slightly nauseous.

You did a wonderful job thankyou Elaine.

Sue R  from Allestree



After having 2 Hypnotherapy sessions, I have left on both occasions feeling more positive, calm and relaxed. Elaine brought my issues out and helped me deal with them and see the positive side to every situation. I have left knowing ways to help keep myself calm and relaxed in future situations. The whole experience has been very calming for me.”

Danielle from Derby

I visited Elaine at a very low point in my life. A long-term relationship had ended and I was struggling to move on. I didn’t really know what spiritual healing was and to be honest I didn’t think it would work, but was prepared to try anything to lift me from the position I’d got myself into.


I told Elaine things I have never told anyone in my life. I don’t know why or what encouraged me to say those things but I felt that I needed to and, once I had, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. These were things I carried with me for 40+ years. The spiritual healing was amazing. Elaine mentioned that I may feel a sensation and pretty much throughout the session I could feel a strong, but not unpleasant, internal pressure in my lower abdomen (my sacral chakra I was to learn). I have had two sessions so far with Elaine and in just over a week I can’t believe how far I have come and don’t recognise the person that first walked through Elaine’s door.


Elaine is an amazing person and I am so glad I found her. Thank you so very much Elaine. 

Mandy S, Derby


I brought my daughter to see you as she was really struggling with severe anxiety surrounding her exams, she had a knock back last summer and she just couldn't get over it and believe in herself again. I had taken her to the doctors and she has seen the school nurse, nothing changed. On the first visit to you, the healing you gave to my daughter was incredibly strong, her energies were all over the place and you soon got her back in sync, immediately I could see her looking brighter. The talk you had with her and the positive light you surrounded her in, completely turned her around. Just before her exam we came to see you again just to make sure she was still in a good place and she was, the visualization skills you gave her, will take her through this next journey in her life and neither of us can thank you enough. Well the results are in and she smashed her exam and her interviews. Many thanks Elaine x

Clare from Duffield


I have been to a couple of other healers and yet the best outcome which I have gained was with Elaine’s Reiki healing. I knew I was in need of healing as I did not feel right and there was lots of negativity around me, feeing like I was always being dragged down and becoming nervous. When I met Elaine for the first time I was very nervous however, Elaine soon put me to ease and she was very relaxed and welcoming which calmed my nerves. Elaine talked though exactly what she was going to do and gave an explanation to why she was doing it, which made me felt even more relaxed. After the healing we then had a chat where we both exchanged what we both felt. I felt the most positive I have felt in years. The healing has truly helped me to become in a better place and I would highly recommend Elaine’s healing to anyone. The healing has had a massive outcome on how I am as a person and being more positive in myself, mind and body. Thank you very much!! 

Ash from South Derbyshire


I read some testimonies and I decided to contact Elaine to book a Reiki/Spiritual healing. After personal issues, I had started to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. When I first met Elaine, I was struggling to talk, stumbling over my words and I was worried I would fail at my job interviews. She was very welcome and made me feel at ease and she understood and described exactly how I felt and what I suffered in the past. She has great insights and wise words. The Healing was intense and very revealing. This was back in December 2018.

I came back for more healing after the holidays and what I can say is that I'm much more confident and stronger emotionally and I've got a great job! I'm very grateful to the Universe for having the privilege to meet Elaine.


I have seen Elaine for 3 or 4 healing sessions so far for anxiety. I have total trust in her and I feel she really understands me.
From our first session, I felt a massive difference in myself. I felt lighter and more positive and happy and more relaxed as if something had been released. 


I feel Elaine is extremely intuitive and very spiritual. Elaine seems to know how I feel almost as soon as she greets me! I feel I can tell Elaine anything and she won't judge me. She is very understanding and supportive and works for my highest good. She really helps me calm down and feel relaxed.

She is a very natural, Kind and loving person. I highly recommend Elaine to move you forward in life as she is helping me to do- Thankyou Elaine!! Xxxx 

Rachael from North Derbyshire

I’ve known Elaine for over 5 years now. She has helped me progress and move on and that has helped me to confront certain issues like living in darkness with the curtains closed and blackout up over my windows and hardly every having them open for clean air to circulate for nearly 20 years. I have now written a few little books and I now take more pride in myself and have the self-confidence to go into greater things, like getting my weight under control and get my life back on track, without tablets. Elaine has helped me enormously

Chris from Ilkeston Derbyshire


The healing really helped. I felt I’ve had loads more energy this week.

Michelle from Derby

I went to Elaine because I was struggling to cope with losing my daughter, who died when she was 7 weeks old. After just one session with Elaine I felt better. Elaine made me feel very welcome & relaxed, we talked for a while about things that are bothering me as well as talking about my daughter. Then Elaine offered to do some healing for me and that was the most incredible amazing experience. I actually felt my daughters touch whilst imagining playing in the sea with her. It truly was a perfect feeling. I couldn't possibly ask for a better feeling from anyone or anything. I can't thank Elaine enough. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. I have already made another appointment with Elaine & I think I will need to make regular appointments with her. Elaine definitely gets a 5 star rating from me.     


During my session of Spiritual Healing a lady came through, she said I was to let people help me more and take of some of my load, physically and mentally. She also said she was grateful for everything we did for her. She suggested me wearing yellow. She mentioned the name Ron, which was her neighbour, she also mentioned mashed potatoes, Parsnips Gladioli, Daffodils and Irises, which are some of the regular items she bought from our mobile shop – this connects to the vision that Elaine got, of me carrying shopping bags.

The lady Barbara was one of our customers and recently my husband had been doing some gardening for her. She only died last week!

It gave me great comfort to know she was okay and she cared enough to give me a message.

RKM from North Derbyshire


I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming to see me on Wednesday. It was so lovely to meet you and experience your Reiki /Spiritual healing.

With regards to the results of this then

The following day I was walking down a corridor at work when all of a sudden I felt 'different' . It was as if suddenly someone turned the lights on for me. The weight I have carried on my shoulders for such a long time lightened. I know all those issues are still there but just not so heavy any more. In the last few weeks I have been in some pain and I know it has been stress related. Thursday night I lay in bed with no pain. I don't know what you did but I feel soooo much better. Actually I can't remember the last time I felt like this. I think I have been drifting around in the dark for years. I very much hope to see you again in the future. Thank you Elaine, you are amazing.

Anita from Alfreton


I have recently rehomed a dog who was very nervous when he came to live with us, he's 6 years old & lived outside all of his life so moving into a house with different people must've been very strange for him & he was clearly stressed about it. We saw Elaine the day after he moved in & Elaine gave my beautiful dog some healing. After Elaine had given him some healing he was like a different dog, he was so much calmer & settled in really quickly after his healing. Thank you elaine xxx


Past Life Regression Reviews



I quote – Past Life Regression absolutely blew my mind – I’ve never felt I ‘belonged’ on this planet now I know why…because I don’t.   I will be back…

Zumba Teacher from Derbyshire

I booked a Past Life Regression with Elaine a couple of years ago but had to cancel due to health reasons, however recently I contacted her again to re-book. I am registered blind but I am very open to anything spiritual and have had weird dreams and things – often I feel relating to previous lifetimes. We spoke at great length on the telephone and arranged an appointment.  Elaine greeted me outside the taxi to help me (as I didn’t want to take my dog as it would distract me) and she answered all of my questions - putting me totally at ease. I have to say I was totally blown away by the experience – it was amazing! I recognised people from previous lifetimes, who are in my life today eg my daughter, close friends and also a partner. I was a woman in one lifetime and a man in another and what’s weird is they make perfect sense in my life today. 

Wendy from Nottingham

Firstly, I must say that these words come from my heart. I have toiled for many a year, tormented myself, doubted my ability, etc. I looked on Google; believe it or not; and found - This Special Lady. We talked  until I realised that it was for real. I did have ‘gifts’ that were evident to her, but not so evident to me. I had sessions of ‘Past life regression’ - so helpful to me. We kept have kept in touch, and she has continued to be friend and confidant. Giving me applause when I do good, and alone. Explaining questions I have with reference to things Spiritual. 
Thank you Elaine for being my friend and my Rock. You have done so much to help me understand my ‘gifts’ and to use them.
Don’t forget this - if, i, am ever able to help, you, as much as you have, me. You only have to ask. In total friendship.

Len from South Derbyshire



I’ve recently felt quite stuck and felt I had blockages which I needed to make sense of so I contacted Elaine for Past Life Regression. Safe to say, the experience was mind-blowing even though it was quite emotional at the time. Elaine made me feel very safe and reassured me throughout. I left with answers and a better sense of self. I’m looking forward to going back for some healing with Elaine.

Sarah from Chaddesden Derby



“I started driving lessons several years ago but for some reason I felt scared and worried and had nervousness about driving in general, for no apparent reason.

A friend suggested I should try Past Life Regression. Although I was unsure about the whole thing I was assured by Elaine that I would be in full control of the session and it would not be frightening in anyway.

I felt very relaxed and was in a daydream state and just as Elaine stated I was guided through the whole of my past life, which involved a nasty accident, which I had carried through into this life. 

When I started driving lessons again, after the session, I didn’t have the nervousness or the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore. I then went on to pass my driving test – no problem and have now been driving for two years and have never looked back.
I would highly recommend Elaine and Past Life regression to anyone who feels they are being held back in their life for no apparent reason.”

Jules from Derby



Past Life Regression wow Elaine it was very much an eye opener last night, as soon as I got in I did some research on the internet I looked at the Taverns in 1846 they looked exactly what I said with beams around the buildings a lot of wooden benches and tables inside. I said to you that I was traded for land and at that time there was a shortage for food on land so that's why my mother traded me in so she could grow food


I did say to you I felt a great heat and it's coming from my feet up was to the top of my head then I said I went cold in that time period of 1846 or the eighteenth century if you was caught either with another man or if you was dealing with any type of what they call witchcraft work with energies you was burnt at the stake.

When I was at home I was sitting I thinking to myself as I made this up but when I did my research everything I said was there and all information during those times was correct, so feeling a bit strange. I feel so much calm around me all I can say is thank you so much for regressing me, I didn't like person I was as a Roman but as I look at it many feelings come to the surface when I’m watching these type of history films and how excitement Rushes through my body how aggressive the Romans were but now I think I'm starting to understand why I feel the way I feel and how I feel could be attached to a past life


Thank you so much for giving me your time for my regression this could really help me in my life today.

Andrew from Nottingham 



Crystal Healing Reviews


Thank you so much for the wonderful Crystal Healing session – you were so right on many things and also about waiting a month before trying after our recent upset. I’m now expecting our 3rd baby and I’m nearly 15 weeks pregnant. I would love some advice about what Crystals would help me during my pregnancy etc. Thank you Elaine

Mrs C from Derby


"I've always been drawn to crystals but have never understood why. Elaine has awakened my knowledge and love of crystals, enabling me to use them in my day-to-day life. I originally went to her just for help with crystals but in doing so I have discovered the amazing power of Reiki and meditation. I have no doubt that since my Reiki and crystal session I have been calmer and happier. My life feels more complete and balanced. My sore shoulders and neck from sitting revising for exams for hours every day has totally gone. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough." 

Ruby from Quarndon


"I had been through a terrible emotional time in a relationship and couldn’t eat, sleep, work or do anything, totally unlike me, I haven’t got time in my life. I had a business to run, so I needed to get myself together and quickly. A friend suggested I book a Crystal Healing session. I booked a Crystal Healing session with Elaine and couldn’t believe how much better I felt – wow! I did book another session, for the following week and when I turned up for the session Elaine remarked on how much better I looked and I truly felt much better. The second session just made me feel complete again. Back to my normal self, things into perspective, and back to work as well! Thanks Elaine."
Anon from Derby 

Psychic Reviews


I went for a reading and was adamant the relationship that had just ended would get back on track. He had told me it was over and although in a shared house he wanted me out! I wanted him back and nothing was going to convince me otherwise – he was the love of my life and I thought we had a future together – he was so lovely when we first met – so perfect. Elaine was amazing and made me see it from a completely different angle. After the reading I felt completely different and I wasn’t even sure I wanted him back. I went back for a further reading a different person and actually bought new clothes with the jewellery he had bought for me previously. Elaine made me see how he had treated me badly and that there was no trust or respect in the relationship and I was worth more. He needs to beg for forgiveness – not that I’m interested now haha as now I will be looking for someone new who appreciates me Thanks Elaine

Justyna from Derby

I have been to Elaine a good few times now or a reading. The readings are always spot on – hence the reason I keep going back. I never used to believe in anything like this before but she has definitely opened my eyes. She’s always so upfront and honest about what she can feel etc. She predicted that I would get pregnant very soon, which I did. She was also spot on about the gender of the baby and she always seems to know exactly what’s going on in my life at that precise time. I never live my life by the readings but they are always so accurate I always come away from the reading feeling great. Elaine is such a lovely warm kind hearted soul and a pleasure to be around. I would definitely recommend Elaine to my friends and family. A Happy returning customer (not able to put my name because of family not approving)



I’d been trying for a baby for a long time – you told me not to worry it would happen but I needed to change how I was acting and thinking (and you went into more detail.) You said I would have a girl and it wouldn’t be long!  That was about 18 months ago and now you’ve seen her  - my precious baby (she’s 5 months old now) and as I told you it was literally two months after seeing you that I became pregnant! You’ve forecast a boy in the not to distant future so we shall see…thank you – you gave me hope where doctors couldn’t xx

Mrs S from Sinfin


Absolutely brilliant Elaine thank you! You were spot on about my boyfriend loving my eyes (how did you know that?) You confirmed word for word what he said to me about being ‘lazy and needing to get my act together and not being so NEEDY! It’s like you have been there whilst he said these things to me. Thanks for the help and much needed advice – I know you’re right and I will do my best as I want him back. Adam from Derby


Thank you Elaine – ‘Spot on’ you confirmed my spiritual journey and what you said about ‘Twin Flames’ made perfect sense and how complex things are and what we need to do before we can be together. Lovely meeting you.

Jules from Derby



I arrived at Elaine’s totally devastated – a relationship issue - I felt a lot better after the reading and emailed to her to thank her (reading

8/5/19). Thank you for giving me clarity Elaine – ‘Love Rat’ – it was so funny when you said that because it had been in my head for a few days! Yes, he is (was)…spot on! 

Mandy from Nottingham



Hi Elaine –I must come back to see you again soon. In the reading you did for me a while back you asked me about ‘Toy Story’ and it meant nothing to me. I’m currently on a girls weekend away and last night I met ‘Woody’ (a handsome guy dressed up as Woody from Toy Story).It might come to nothing but hey? I had to share it with you because at the time we both said how random it was! It just shows how you had a ‘snapshot’ of my future…I’m on the right path xx P.S You were so right about that guy I was dating – put it this way he’s ‘history!’

Jane from Nottingham


I just wanted to thank you – your tarot card reading completely changed my life! I took your advice and guidance and my life is now amazing complete with a new man thank you!

Emily from Derby



Your reading was brilliant the other week for me and my friend, I would like to have another reading soon, can you remember when you asked me about a golf connection and I had no idea what you were talking about. Guess what I am now seeing a semi-professional golfer xx I’ll keep you posted thanks Elaine

Lindsey from Derby

I’m moving house this week hopefully – it’s the one you saw me moving to 4 years ago when I first had a reading with you! It has a weird shaped garden and I remember you describing it and drawing it with your hand. I also had the son you spoke about ….and no I don’t want another one thank you – but strangely enough my young son (who is an old soul and very spiritual) has told me exactly the same things you have – that I will have another boy (he said brother) – I will do everything in my power to stop it haha – 2 is enough!

Mrs R from Sinfin



You have got him and our relationship spot on – I couldn’t have said it better myself. 8/5/19

Karen from Leicester



Wow – I’m absolutely blown away – you didn’t know me at all and I’m amazed at the things you got SPOT ON with my home life, being with my soulmate and also my work situation! A huge thanks for the messages from my friends in spirit – and the Military information, as I was in the Military for ten years and you didn’t know that either.

Matt from Derby 


Elaine is amazing – she predicted my pregnancy and said it would be a girl – also said my partners like a young boy, mardy and childish and wants his own way and I’m like his mum (so true) She told me to get him a gift from the new baby to pump him up lol! I’ve got my daughter and she’s amazing…thank you Elaine – I’ll be back

M from Derby

Elaine did my the cards for me whilst we were on a course together – it was 100% spot on! In the reading she told me about working in a school for Autistic children and told me I will be perfect for this role and would be highly respected.. She didn’t know but I have the expertise having had two children with autism. She told me to go for it…I said I had been thinking of this for sometime and I needed that push – thank you so much xx

E from Glastonbury



I felt life was not worth living today 17th Nov 2018 in fact 0 of out 10 and when session ended 9 out of 10 I was feeling so much better. Going to meditate, buy crystals and work on myself – coming back for healing in two weeks. Can’t thank you enough Elaine.

Kiran from Derby

I came across Elaine online after a point where my life had been turned upside down and was looking for guidance/clarity.

Before meeting Elaine I wasn’t the type of person with a belief in the spiritual world or the effect it has on daily life. At our first session (while I was somewhat apprehensive) I was made to feel totally at ease whilst Elaine explained the process of the reading and some of the basics. While not all of the information that was transcended made sense at first, it quickly became clear that something out of the ordinary was happening as my entire situation over the last 6 months was given to me throughout the course of an hour from my career to my personal life, utterly blowing my mind and opening it up to the power of Elaine’s capabilities.


Whilst some of the information given also went against my previous conceptions of relationships I held in my life and initially I thought of as wrong, it transpired after a couple of months that these feelings which I had been blind to in the past became visable and provided an ‘aha’ moment where it all made sense.


Since our last encounter, I’ve been back to see Elaine for a Reiki session and a couple more readings over a period of time. Each time providing further clarity and a better steer on the course ahead.


I’d recommend taking a notebook with you and taking notes – these provide moments of strength for the challenges you may face afterwards and also aid in understanding some of the points which were unclear during the session.


I cannot recommend Elaine enough, thank you for helping me in my time of need and opening my eyes to a completely different view on the world. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Alex from Staffordshire


Elaine said I needed to be more powerful and not be afraid.  She told me the man you were with didn’t like your power so you let him be powerful and he isn’t/wasn’t as powerful as you. Go into your own power and a man will appreciate you for that…you will also appreciate his power. You cannot be with someone that is lower than you…you will not like it and neither will they…time will tell as it has done.

Funny because I later had a  ‘Life Between Lives Regression’ session and the ‘Wise Ones’ gave me the same thing, almost freaky word for word…..

M from Amsterdam/Netherlands


Elaine is truly a lovely lady, full of warmth and light you feel instantly at ease like meeting an old friend. Elaine is truly gifted, unbelievable helpful in confirming I am on the right track - and for me confirming and helping me grow my own spiritual awareness and more confidence to be sure in my own intuitions I experience in life. I hope to see Elaine many more times in the future her knowledge and skills in energy balance and past life really help you to be confident in knowing what your best self looks like or could do!” 
Love Rachel, from Swanwick 


Wow! After just one session of psychic healing and one reading, my life immediately turned right around! Doubt, confusion and indecision replaced by confidence, clarity, strength and determination. My old own self was back for good and better! Just 2 months later and another healing session and I am well on the way out of the black hole my relationship and life was in. I can't thank Elaine enough.

Clare from Derbyshire


I first went to Elaine for a reading – it was spot on and Elaine picked on various things – this led to a Healing Session and then Hypnotherapy for confidence building etc. Although I had had Hypnotherapy before (not with Elaine) it didn’t make any difference I have to say. The sessions with Elaine however made me feel different. I seemed to lose all of my insecurities and from our first meeting, even from the reading I began to change and gain self –confidence. I now feel like my life is moving forward. I’ll be in touch Thanks

Aman from Derby


I went for a reading with Elaine and I have to say the reading was completely different to what I expected. I suppose I expected everything to be okay (my marriage was in complete turmoil) but my grandfather came through (I got very emotional) and I suppose I got some home truths – which maybe I didn’t want to admit! I need to digest what was said…

Mrs N from Derby



Hi Elaine, it was lovely to meet you. The session really helped.

Jane from Lichfield



I was a skeptic and had no reason to believe that I would find any answers. I found Elaine purely by random on a web search and decided to go along with an open mind. Elaine is so warm and welcoming and there is such a lovely atmosphere in her "psychic room" that you can’t help but feel relaxed. I found the whole experience awe inspiring and amazingly accurate - I returned for numerous appointments: readings; past life regression; spiritual healing. The whole experience opened my mind to the spirit world and certainly gave me a very different perspective. As for Elaine, she is totally and completely genuine and enormously supporting. I cannot recommend her enough. So if you are looking for spiritual awareness do go and see her as you will not be disappointed"

Malcolm from Derbyshire


Mediumship Reviews


My head is still spinning from such a fantastic reading!! Elaine is so down to earth and made me feel so comfortable. I cannot thank you enough for helping me connect with my mum, who has recently died and I literally felt my soul start to heal. I will be forever grateful for the comfort you have helped bring into my life for knowing my mum is now okay and still around me. (from a google review)


Thank you for seeing Trace this evening, she was blown away by what you said about her friend who had recently passed into spirit and also the healing you gave her wow!

Phil from Nottingham



Although sad, I take on board what you said during the reading and it was lovely but emotional to get my ex husbands dad through and wanting to help me through this situation.

Alixia from Derby



I am just writing to say I was very pleased with your reading yesterday. It was quite emotional for me as you came up with several things to do with my recently deceased mum.

Andrew from Derby



I have to share this Elaine - remember you told me about 'an owl in the garden.. wise owl..' Well when I returned home, guess what... there by the space I park my car sits a stone garden owl - hidden by greenery almost! This owl came from my mum's garden...I had totally forgotten about it (it's 15 years ago now) but - you were spot on! Xx thank you

A happy lady from Staffordshire



When I arrived home, and on reflection, I checked my jewellery box since you mentioned a "pearl". I found the drop pearl necklace that came into my mind and managed to untangle the chain but more pertinently I found a silver bracelet, which I shouldn't have forgotten about. The bracelet was bought my younger sister, which is probably why I had forgotten about it, for my 60th birthday. On the bracelet are several charms, one of which my Mum bought for me as a birthday present. This was a single pearl surrounded by angel wings!! I chose it, whilst shopping with Mum, in memory of all those people I had lost and of course it means much more now that I have lost Mum too. Thank you Elaine 

Angela from Derby


“100% I know you have my husband – thank you I don’t need to hear anymore!) Spot on thank you.

Joan - Phone Reading



You talked about my twin in spirit – I told you I had no idea what you were talking about although I had always ‘felt’ in a weird way someone around me, almost looking out for me. I asked my mum when I got back from the reading and she told me that she lost a huge amount of blood when pregnant with me…and she felt it was twins and that she lost one! I didn’t know this prior to coming to you! So interesting thanks Elain

Daniel from Derby



I recently met Elaine on a holiday in Jordan and although my sister and other members of the family are believers in life after death, I hadn’t had anyone convince me my mum was still around, although I had tried. Well that was until I met Elaine – the details she gave me, the songs she sang, her mannerisms and she even linked arms with me just the way my mum used to. I now believe totally that my mum was communicating through Elaine and that she is okay – Thank you Elaine

Margaret from Macclesfield


Life Between Lives Reviews


"I felt I needed some clarity in my life as things didn't seem to be going too well and I seemed to be ‘blocked’ and lacking confidence somehow. Elaine suggested that Past life Regression/Life Between Lives might help me with this.

I was a little nervous initially but Elaine's calm and reassuring manner put me at ease straight away and I was guided back through many different past lives actually seeing what I had achieved in previous lives, not always as a woman.  It was amazing and felt so real as I also experienced the emotions with each lifetime.


The Life between Life Regression was incredible and although at times I became a little emotional, Elaine talked me through it and made me feel safe.  There was a lot to take in and I am still processing things months later but I am so glad I did this as the things I learned about myself are helping me finally put my life in order. Thank you Elaine!" Speak soon.

Donna from Derby


My Between Lives Soul Regression experience with Elaine was amazing! I absolutely recommend Elaine if you are looking for a dedicated and solid therapist.


I am a regression therapist myself and I was worried if I would go under deep enough. Elaine was very understanding and knowledgeable. She made me feel safe from the beginning and was able to bring me in a profound state of relaxation. She directed me into a previous lifetime which enabled me to enter a between life state, before my current incarnation. 


It was a fascinating journey! The session has given me a lot of clarity about my soul purpose and what I am doing here on earth. Maybe the best thing was that I could communicate with very Wise Beings giving me feedback about my life. That was so helpful. I have a deeper understanding now of what certain situations and people in my life have to teach me.


The whole experience to me is also a confirmation that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. I met my soul family and my soulmates, two of them are good friends in my life today. On top of this I found out that the three of us previously incarnated on another planet :-)


Elaine felt like a loving, supporting rock beside me on this amazing journey. I cannot recommend her enough and feel really lucky that she guided me through this experience so beautifully.

Michelle Groot from Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Life Between Lives Regression Experience:

This was an unforgettable experience. It really made me feel and understand that there is more beyond life and death.  
The amazing part is, we get to experience the incredible part in between - with this Life between Live Regression.  

It was something I definitely needed, as I was going through a different stage in my life, and this came just at the right time. It revealed my true life purpose of this lifetime, what I came here to do and what my soul purpose would be. 

If I listen back through the recording of the ‘Life between Lives Regression,’ I still remember everything so vividly.  

It’s not scary at all- just amazing, as you meet with your spirit guide, reunite with your soul group and also speak with the ‘Wise beings’ or ‘Ascended masters’ as they are called!

Elaine was amazing, she instantly made me feel at ease. I had constant guidance and reassurance throughout this journey. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The session was something I will never forget and I recommend anyone who is thinking about it to ‘go for it!’ It is ‘life changing!’

After reflecting with Elaine, some time after the session. It was like a 'haha' moment.. I do feel in such a better, happier place then I did before. I do feel that this ‘Life between Lives Regression’ can give you the answer and contentment you need in your life. It sure has with me!

I can’t recommend Elaine enough – she is a great lady, who is genuine, honest and really enjoys her work and wants you to get the most out of it. I will definitely be seeing Elaine again, and I can't wait until then! Thanks so much Elaine for all your help!!

Sarah from Derby


'I have been visiting Elaine for several years and I am always very impressed by her caring attitude and ability to give excellent advice.


Having previously experienced Past life Regression with Elaine and I decided that I would like to go a step further and experience ‘Life Between Life Regression.’ It was a truly amazing experience, albeit quite emotional at times. During the session I learnt a lot about myself and it was confirmation of the life pathway –I need to pursue. It also clarified many things for me and has therefore helped me greatly.

Fiona Derby

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