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Trouble sleeping? Why not try flowers?

Wake up benefitting from smelling Roses….

Not only does the scents of roses at night help you sleep, but a study even found that smelling roses as you sleep helps with information retention and learning success. It can literally give your brain a boost overnight!


Lavender is probably the most well-known plants to help you sleep. Lavender has also been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure stress levels. You can add a few drops of Lavender Oil onto your pillow or maybe a hanky? Or you may prefer to sprinkle some Lavender flowers by the side of your bed…


is one of my favourite flowers – as well as looking beautiful the scent from the flower is something else! A summers evening .…especially if it’s a warm evening and you walk past a bush

Not just a pretty flower Jasmine helps not only with sleep and insomnia but also helps with anxiety and depression because of its calming smell.

Elaine x

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